Food Law and Regulation, Quiz – 5

Welcome to your QUIZ 5

Q. According to FSSA _______________ in relation to any article of food, means a process consisting of three components, i.e., risk assessment, risk management and risk communication
Q. According to FSSA, ____________ shall be responsible for inspection of food business, drawing samples and sending them to Food Analyst for analysis
Q. Food Analyst after receiving the sample from the Food Safety Officer shall analyse the sample and send the analysis report mentioning method of sampling and analysis within ____________ days to Designated Officer with a copy to Commissioner of Food Safety
Q. According to FSSA, Food Safety audit and checking compliance with Food Safety Management systems required under this act and regulations can be done by _____________ ?
Q. According to FSSA, Penalty for misbranded food may extend to

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  • Gayathri
    May 3, 2022

    Ur effort for food science students is nice.
    And we want to learn more from u. Tq

  • Ashish Mane
    May 4, 2022


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