Food Processing and Preservation, Quiz -2


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Q. Which of the following is an advantage of food processing?
Q. Which of the following is a performance parameter for the food industry?
Q. XYZ Company takes its customer feedback very seriously. Hence when suggestions such as – food processed product should have minimum lost of actual flavour, no added colour etc., the company planned on shifting to the latest trend in the industry called ______
Q. XYZ Company wanted to reduce the microbial risk involved with its fresh fruits and vegetables. Hence it introduced Ultra-violet C process which is a photochemical process which reduces the number of microbes (not completely sterilizing them). What else do you think this does?
Q. Statement 1: Advanced Oxidation Processes convert non-biodegradable organic materials into biodegradable organic forms. Statement 2: Advanced Oxidation Processes are non-environmental friendly.

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