Food Safety wing to step up checks on curry powders in Kerala

Tests for adulteration as part of campaign

The Food Safety wing will intensify checks on curry powder brands in the State to test for adulteration as part of the “good food is people’s right” campaign.

Special squads of the Food Safety wing will conduct checks in districts. If any batch of curry powders is found to be unfit for consumption, steps will be taken to withdraw that entire batch from the market. In that case, notice will be issued to both the seller and the company, and legal action will be taken for food adulteration.

The mobile food labs of the department will also be used for testing curry powders for adulteration. Steps will be taken if the samples tested show variation from the standards fixed by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

Meanwhile, raids being conducted by the Food Safety wing continue. So far, 9,005 raids have been conducted by the department and action was taken against 382 shops, while notices were issued to 1,230 shops.

A total of 28,692 kg of adulterated fish, unfit for human consumption, were seized and destroyed by food safety officials.

Raids are continuing to check for adulteration in jaggery and edible oils as well, while fruit juice shops are being inspected to ensure that these maintain food safety and hygiene standards.

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