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ACME Cleantech Solutions Pvt. Ltd., popularly referred to as the ACME Group, is one of the leading global sustainable and renewable energy companies. Founded by Manoj K. Upadhyay in 2003, it is headquartered at Gurugram in the state of Haryana in India.

Mr. Upadhyay is an innovator and entrepreneur who introduces disruptive technology solutions through intensive research and innovative approach. Initially, these solutions were utilized to optimize the energy usage for the telecom industry.

Sustainable Food

Food that is not just good for our health but also mother nature. ACME Group is championing a food ecosystem that leaves the environment less damaged and our plates more nutritious.

Sustainable Water

ACME is generating solutions for water reclamation and reuse that help meet the present, ecological, social, and economic needs of the world. All the while preserving it for generations to come.

Qualification & Experience:

  • MSc. or PhD. in Food Science/Food Technology or a similar appropriate field. Minimum 4-5 years of industry experience. Sound theoretical and practical understanding of alternative proteins and key functionalities like gelling, texturization, emulsification.
  • Specialization in an area related to proteins is required which could be any combination of special academic knowledge in plant proteins like grain proteins, soy, legumes, but also meat science combined with applied knowledge on meat analogues. The ability to apply protein knowledge to meat analogues is a MUST.

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  • Thesis / research work related to alternative proteins is highly considered.
  • Hands-on pilot plant experience with sound understanding on process conditions and ingredient impact on desired structure, appearance and textural attributes of alternative proteins.
  • Solid understanding of impact of ingredients and process on nutritional aspects of alternative proteins
  • Good understanding of established commercial meat analog technologies is also relevant (ingredients, formulation, forming, binding, etc.) as well as related product development approaches.

Scope of Responsibilities:

  • Discover and develop innovative products in the meat analogue area, while advancing the fundamental understanding of alternative protein sources and processes and their impact on product attributes and Nutrition Health and Wellness.
  • Develop strategic Roadmaps in the area of alternative proteins and manage the execution of the prioritized projects, effectively engaging internal and external resources and competencies for timely delivery.
  • Provide expert support to the execution of Innovation, Renovation and Technical Assistance projects in support of Frozen, Chilled and Ambient Foods.
  • Function effectively as a Project Manager. Plan and execute the necessary laboratory, bench-top and pilot plant trials coordinating all necessary resources internally and externally and utilizing various trial, recipe and nutritional management systems

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  • Carry out research and development activities, to Identify, assess and document potential patentable ideas and follow established processes to decide on potential patent filling.
  • Ensure consumer and business relevance of research work by applying knowledge, timely engaging product development groups and consumer / marketing teams
  • Manage strategic relationships across a diverse group of external resources including innovation partners, start-ups, universities, research institutes, technology providers, suppliers, etc.
  • Coach and mentor other scientists and technologists within the department and across the organization as appropriate.
  • Keep abreast of relevant Science and Technology developments and evolving ingredients by maintaining active contacts with R&D Centers, Networks, Innovation Partners, Universities and Industry / Professional organizations.

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