Food Technologist, R&D Manager – Wellversed

Our Team

Our team has diverse experience in creating and scaling consumer brands. Our team members have over 25+ years of combined experience building brands that consumers love.

Our Vision

Our vision is to maximise human wellness by creating and ecosystem for genuine wellness brands to grow and serve the right consumers.

What Is Wellversed?

Wellversed is a conglomerate of digital-first wellness brands. We operate, acquire and scale digital-first wellness brands from across the spectrum of human wellness.

Job description

The Research and Development Manager will have to use creative abilities and research methods to improve existing products based on industry trends and develop new products to meet the needs of the company’s target market. You are expected to report on any technical product issues that are discovered during evaluation and manage product testing and trials, assessing the materials used, the efficiency of the process, and the effectiveness of the final product.

Roles & Responsibilities:

  1. Lead key projects with R&D to support business goals.
  2. Develop research programs incorporating current developments to improve existing products and study the potential of new products.
  3. Understand customer expectations on to-be manufactured products.
  4. Determine and execute improved technologies used by suppliers, competitors, and customers.
  5. Establish project goals and priorities by collaborating with Marketing and Operations.
  6. Transfer new technologies, products, and manufacturing processes into and out of the company.
  7. Research, design and evaluate materials, assemblies, processes, and equipment.
  8. Suggest training tools to enhance employee performance and skill development.
  9. Monitor team metrics and objectives ensuring meeting of goals.
  10. Document all phases of research and development.
  11. Manage customer relationships and perform RFP reviews, customer visits, and product testing.
  12. Establish and maintain testing procedures for assessing raw materials, in-process and finished products.
  13. Oversee complex research projects, analyze results and provide recommendations based on findings.
  14. Assess the scope of research projects and ensure they are on time and within budget.
  15. Oversee the activity of the quality assurance department and staff, developing, implementing, and maintaining a system of quality and reliability testing for the organizations products and/or development processes.
  16. Maintains compliance with federal, state, local, and organizational laws, regulations, guidelines, and policies.
  17. Identifies and analyzes issues, bugs, defects, and other problems, particularly when problems recur in multiple products; recommends and facilitates solutions to these issues.


A Bachelor’s/ Master’s degree in the relevant field


  1. 3-5 years experience in Food Research & Development
  2. Preference will be given to candidates who have completed some certification courses such as GHP & GMP, HACCP, ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, Auditing etc.

Required skills:

  1. MS office – excel importantly
  2. Proven experience in a relevant role.
  3. A strong sense of creativity aids in the process of thinking of new product ideas and solving problems creatively.
  4. Great problem-solving skills.
  5. Hands-on experience in managing or leading a team of employees.
  6. Ability to multitask efficiently and good at managing time.

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