FroGO launches India’s first e-commerce store exclusively delivering frozen foods

FroGo, a food tech startup, has launched India’s first e-commerce store which exclusively caters to frozen food delivery. The changing lifestyle of the urban population is driving a great demand for frozen food items. The Indian frozen foods market is currently valued at Rs 124.06 billion and is expected to reach Rs 306.61 billion by 2027.

Catering to the growing demand for high quality frozen food products, it retails and delivers a diverse selection of products from the market leaders like ITC, McCain, Kwality Walls, Haldiram, as well as upcoming promising brands like Keventers, Get-a-whey, Minus 30, Imagine Meats.

Headquartered in Gurgaon, it is currently serving customers in Gurgaon and plans to expand across all metro cities by next year. Founded by Harvard Business School alumnus and serial entrepreneur Mira Jhala, the company promises to deliver frozen food frozen. Jhala comes with a strong knowledge and expertise of building FMCG businesses. Her startup purist was acquired by CureFit.

The company is building a strong e-commerce platform driven by tech which is focused on ensuring best in class, end to end cold chain for frozen food as a category. Its quality guarantee to its customers is that they can be assured that the products have been maintained at optimal ultra-low temperate of -18 degrees or below from manufacturing to their doorstep.  

Jhala said, “Being an experienced entrepreneur in the food sector, I can’t help but notice every time I see a frozen food product delivered, melted or spoilt. It defeats the very purpose of the freezing process which keeps the flavour and nutrition intact. FroGo ensures that frozen food items are delivered in the best state. With the impeccable doorstep delivery service by FroGo, now customers can relish their favorite ice-cream during this scorching summer without compromising on the quality.”


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