Head Of Quality – epigamia

epigamia, who’s that?

Hiii! We’re just a little excited to make a new friend. So we’re going to have a slight brag over the next few sentences.
Hold on tight…

Like every cliched story, this one starts with love too.
A love for food. One so deep that it made us think of ourselves as Activists of Taste and Advocates of Health! Those titles mean that we take food seriously. But not TOO seriously.

Serious or not, we push boundaries to make food yummier and ensure some, if not all, health boxes can be ticked!

For our very first creation, we added the best of Indian and Greek cultures to a cup and let the magic loose.
And the rest? History.

what do we do?

We’ll tell you what we DON’T do. Nothing with Epigamia’s name on it will have a trace of preservatives, artificial flavours or adulterated ingredients. (If we can even call them ingredients!)

Instead, we create healthier (and yummier) snacking options made with fresh, locally-sourced ingredients that keep you and the communities we operate in healthy and happy.

what makes us tick?

Innovation is our fuel. We love thinking outside the cup. Oops, we mean box. And we put that thinking to work at the Drums Food Innovation Centre.

With plenty of creative elbow room and a passion for pushing boundaries, we experiment with unique flavours, create new products and bring innovation to life!

Job description

We are looking for a passionate leader to who can identify and implement creative, innovative solutions, with the demonstrated ability to lead change in Quality Assurance as the Quality Lead.

The position will play a key role in developing Drum’s quality strategy and roadmap and lead its execution enterprise-wide.

This role will spearhead quality assurance programs across all facilities associated with the organization, while supporting the Chief Product Officer and leadership team on quality matters.

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