Notice Regarding NABL – FSSAI Integrated Assessment of the laboratories.

In continuation to this office Notice of even number dated 3rd June, 2019 and
supersession of the notice of even no dated 5th Feb,2021 regarding recognition of food
laboratories under FSSAI-NABL integrated assessment and NABL decision vide Order dated 26.06.2020.

Validity and recognition of the FSSAI notified laboratories is subject to the following conditions:

a. FSSAI will only accept fresh proposals from laboratories for FSSAI recognition and
notification if the laboratory has obtained accreditation under FSSAI-NABL Integrated
Assessment for testing of the food category/ sub-category as per the Annexure to Format 3 of NABL 154 document available on the NABL website..

b. All those Laboratories, already recognised under Section 43(1) and Referral Laboratories u/s 43 (2), by FSSAI and which have not obtained FSSAI-NABL accreditation under
Section 43(1) and Referral Laboratories u/s 43 (2), must obtain the same prior to the expiry of their NABL approved validity period or on before 30th June,2023, whichever is
This issues with the approval of the Competent Authority.

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