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About the Company

Ajmi Flour Mills (India) Pvt Ltd. is a fully automated cereal and spice processing company located at Elappunkal, Erattupetta in Kottayam District of Kerala. It has been manufacturing and marketing high-quality rice products, spice powders, etc.  since 1994. Ajmi has adhered to stringent quality standards to secure and maintain trust and customer satisfaction. Presently, it is the biggest seller of breakfast foods in Kerala and the Ajmi brand is an absolute customer favourite.


Our factory is located on the banks of the Meenachil River, away from all sources of pollution. The factory is designed for peak efficiency and shuns excesses and wastage at every level. We use sophisticated machinery for high volume processing and packaging of food products. Ultra-modern packaging materials and technologies as per the latest FSSAI standards ensure a longer shelf life without the need for additional preservatives.

Food technologists, microbiologists and biotechnologists work in tandem with the marketing team to create innovative products of exemplary quality.

With over 100 distribution vehicles, Ajmi products reach across Kerala in pristine form. Ajmi’s trucks and carriers, wearing our signature red colour that represents the brand, ply the commercial arteries of Kerala every day. Our distribution team ensures the products reach their destinations safe and sound and in highest quality.

Why choose Ajmi? / Why Ajmi?

We at Ajmi believe in providing customers with the highest quality food products made with love and care. Our raw materials are sourced from selected suppliers and farmers; we have entered into a contract farming agreement with a large pool of cultivators who adhere to best practices at the farm level. Ajmi is an FSSAI licensed and ISO 9001: 2015 certified company. Ajmi has embraced the latest storage technologies that ensure the shelf life of the final without the addition of preservatives. It makes no compromise in the taste or quality of the products. Everyone in the processing are follows stringent rules and regulations to have the most systematic processing environment following all the guidelines set by FSSAI. Impeccable hygiene is maintained across the manufacturing plant, with minimal or no human intervention. Various checkpoints along the process line, monitored by trained quality controllers, guarantee that the products fulfil all the food safety standards and satisfy the customer absolutely.

Hiring for the following positions

  1. Quality analyst
  2. Quality manager
  3. Quality controller

Graduation in food processing/technology

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