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       AA Nutritions is one of India’s prominent food companies distributing its products to more than 1 million retail outlets, various healthcare entities, government and educational institutions. Boasting more than 50 products in its portfolio, it offers ‘Ready-to Eat’ snacks, noodles as well as other nutritious foods. The exclusive brands- GOALZY, YUMMY & KEEKOO, a chef-inspired line of ‘Ready-to-Eat’ concept snacks and noodles represent uncompromised quality with succulent taste. Currently, the group has approximately 500 employees spread across various locations in the country. 

Manufacturing Facility:

             We operate five manufacturing facilities equipped with ultra-modern automated production line technology. The food touching process is SS304 which is subjected to a stringent mandate for cleaning the different types of equipment.

The in-house laboratory is well equipped with trained personnel, technology and technical know-how to undertake all kinds of stipulated quality tests as well as microbiological tests for prime quality products.

       IS2491:2013– Hygienic standards have been adhered to at every step as per IS 2491:2013 commencing from the production process to final transportation.

       This set of guidelines ensures that the food is safe and suitable for human consumption.

We are looking for Food tech R &D specialist.

Qualification: Bachelors in Food Technology or above.

Experience: Minimum 2 years working in R&D of Spices/Savoury/Noodles unit.

Salary: As per the candidature and Market Standards. Based on the candidate.

Job Description:

1. Conceptualizing innovative and unique products in line with business requirements.

2. Develop Blended Spices (Masala), Seasonings, Masala Mix comes for Instant noodle applications.

3. Develop superior quality blended spices compared to the products in the market and according to regional specifications.

4. Evaluate the nutritional characteristics of the product and eliminate gaps in the desired and existing characteristics through ingredient/process improvisation.

5. Formulate recipes and define process as well as parameter values.

6. Associate with flavor houses for Top notes and ingredients.

7. Ensure cost optimization in all stages of product development to minimize the overall product cost.

8. Evaluate packaging design and define packaging material characteristics and property.

9. Evaluate shelf life of products and enhance the same as per requirement by improving ingredient, process and packaging design.

10. Setting up of Quality systems specifications, control parameters and linking sensory with analytical attributes.

11. Ensuring product meet all statutory requirements.

12. Responsible for ingredient sourcing/evaluation, assisting plant trials, initial production runs, internal sensory evaluation of products and final product implementation.

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