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Job Title: Quality Executive (Fruits & Vegetables)

Location: Khasra no.262, Behrampur Road, Sector 71, 122001, Gurugram, Haryana.

Total Experience: 1-3 years

Industry: FMCG

Compensation: 20-30k per month


· Familiarity with agricultural produce – Ability to maintain standards and specifications for all raw materials, including vegetables and fruits, as well as finished products.

· Knowledge about shelf life preservation.

· Bachelors/Masters’ degree in Agriculture related field would be preferred.


· Quality Standard Setting

· Documentation and training done for acceptable quality (product wise) of QC team, inventory team and packaging team.

· Benchmarking done with the right quality and communicated to supply/purchase team.

· No. of products with parameter definitions for respective season.

· Cold chain compliance

· Product storage and Wastage Prevention

· Shelf life preservation.

· No. of staff trained for product storage and product handling.

· Waste management.

· Product Receiving

· Accuracy in accepted quality from farmer/vendor.

· Timely updation of quality related feedbacks to supply team for received products.

· Product Dispatch

· Accuracy in ‘saleable’ area for quality from farmer/vendor.

· Timely updation of quality related feedbacks to supply team for dispatched products.

· Inter-department communication

· Quality of communication made with purchase/inventory/supply/delivery teams (Professionalism and Company Philosophies).

· On-time communication for new season arrivals as well as of seasonal quality issues,

· No. of staff trained for product variety, type and ripening stage etc.

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