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Our Story

For over 30 years, we at Prasuma have been doing things our own way. From the very beginning, we chose to only bring to market products that we believe in, unwilling to compromise on quality or cut corners.

As the pioneer of the Fresh & Chilled Deli Meats segment in the region, Prasuma has earned a reputation of product and service excellence among top modern retail outlets, restaurants and chefs nationwide.

Our passion to deliver superior quality products have made us a leader in our industry. Prasuma is a brand in which consumers continue to place their trust, everyday.

At Prasuma, we are relentless about Quality. We follow the highest level of quality and safety standards. Put simply, if the product does not match our standards it doesn’t carry the Prasuma name. Our products are made of only the finest ingredients: Hormone and Antibiotic Residue Free Meats, and spices sourced from around the globe. While some may choose to add parts of by-products, fillers or artificial colors, this is simply NOT the Prasuma way. Commitments like these have made Prasuma the brand consumers can count on for the highest quality products in India.

Dear all, We, Ample foods Pvt. Ltd. (brand name- Prasuma), are looking for a 2-3 male candidate for the profile ‘ Quality Executive/Trainee.

  • Educational qualification – B.Tech in Food Technology
  • Work experience – Frresher/1-2 yeers
  • Work location – Gurgaon & Mumbai.

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  • Ritika Goswami
    August 22, 2022


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