CEO, FSSAI, stresses on enforcement & quality of products

The CEO, FSSAI, has asked food safety officials (FSOs) to focus on enforcement activities and ensure quality of the food products under their jurisdiction.

He urged the above while speaking to them in Hyderabad during his recent visit.

The FSOs were particularly asked to regularly collect samples of high risk food categories like meat and milk with an increased frequency. The officials were also asked to maintain transparency while conducting searches, sampling and other enforcement activities.

Further, the FSOs were asked to conduct regular inspections of food at railway stations, canteens of educational institutions, government establishments, and public and private offices.

Commenting on the subject, Ashwin Bhadri, CEO, Equinox Labs, says, “The decision of conducting strict inspection helps to ensure the FBOs adhere to the norms and regulations framed by the FSSAI.

The FBOs are recommended to maintain the quality of the consumables they provide. There are different methods by which the FBOs can easily communicate with the consumers to know the feedback to enhance  consumer satisfaction while through inspections and audits the quality of the food product can be maintained

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