Food Safety Auditor – Ravi Energie Private Limited

We are looking for a passionate Food Auditor / Inspector with a Bachelor’s degree in Food or Dairy or Fisheries or Oil Technology or Biotechnology or Agriculture or veterinary Sciences or Biochemistry Or Microbiology or Chemistry or Hotel management or catering Technology from a recognized university.

Qualification: Degree / Diploma in Food Technology, Agriculture, Oil Technology, Biotechnology or Biochemistry

Experience: 2+ Years.

Mandatory Skills: 

1. Minimum 2 years of full-time work experience in any Food Industry.

2. Minimum Experience of 10 Third-party audits.

3. Accredited with latest version of Lead Auditor Course in Food Safety and management.

4. FosTac Certified

5. Knowledge of FSS Act and rules and regulations and updated amendments made thereunder.

6. Sector specific Knowledge of hygiene and sanitary practices (Schedule 4), Processing techniques, hazards, identification and analysis and control Knowledge of contaminates and allergens.


· Complete the competency criteria as per our requirement

· Carry Out Inspection as per SOPs and Inspection Procedures.

· Find out valid non-conformity and observation with Proper evidence.

· Filling of FSSAI checklist and inspection report inappropriate manner and submitting it to us.

· Maintain confidentiality in respect of commercial-in-confidence materials, which may include process and product formulation information, food safety program information and audit outcomes.

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